Local Service

Vision & Hearing

Community Assistance

Our club works to help people in Batavia with vision and hearing needs.  We partner with Dr. Rand Toney of Toney Optometry in Batavia to provide eye exams and glasses for those in need.  We also work with school nurses at Batavia Public Schools to provide services to students. https://bataviaoptometry.com/


Several times each year we take glasses and hearing aids to the Lions Of Illinois Foundation office in Sycamore to be recycled.  There are collection boxes located around town at the Library, the Park District, banks, churches, and eye doctors.  The recycled glasses are distributed around the world, while the hearing aids are refurbished and provided through our Clubs to local residents in need. https://lionsofillinoisfoundation.org/


We also provide help for hearing deficits in people over the age of 18. Batavia Lions have access to reduced cost hearing exams and hearing aids. We will consider other needed services.

College Scholarships 

Each year we award one year college scholarships to High School Seniors who reside in Batavia and have demonstrated exemplary community service.  Applications are available through the guidance office.

Food Pantry

Our club supports the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry through monthly donations at our regular meetings as well as volunteer efforts and financial support when possible. https://bataviafoodpantry.org/

Global Initiatives

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Childhood Cancer